The Easy Golf Swing System: How to Swing Easy in Golf

Are you an avid golfer who, despite the strenuous effort and constant tweaks to your swing, can never seem to add that extra yardage to your drive?

You could be going about it all wrong, but you’re not alone. Novice golfers often think adding more power to your golf swing is about whacking the ball as hard as possible. Those golfers might experience soreness, and even injury, caused by bad form and the overextension of the muscles in their back shoulders, and arms.

Veteran golfers will tell you, however, that a powerful swing is about building speed from the ground up, not brute strength with maximal effort. They know that a speedy swing comes from being able to transfer an incredible amount of ground force thru their core, and out to the club.

Swinging Through The Core

A good golfer is focused on their form. They know which muscle groups to engage, and focus their time off the links on building core strength to support their swing. But how does a strong core improve your swing speed and reduce the physical effort you are putting into your golf game?

To activate the core as effectively and effortlessly as possible, you have to start from the ground up, generating tension from your feet-hip-core-shoulders-arms-hands out to your clubhead. This combining of the joint, segment and muscular movements achieve a fluid, whip-like motion thru the core. Energy, starting at your feet and transferring up thru your core, should travel up from your toes and out to your fingertips, speeding up along the way. The strength and resiliency of your core are going to be the vital cog in maximizing this force transfer.  

You want your core and extremities to act as one, and your golf club can be thought of as another extremity. In short, the secret to an effortless power swing is to make the energy transfer process as efficient and swift as possible. See the modern golf swing. Like the tumbling of dominos, each segment in your swing should flow seamlessly into the next.

the easy golf system

Before going into just how to improve your core strength, here are a few more power-swing pointers:

  1. Muscles should be relaxed as much as possible. A good way to do this is to wiggle before pulling the club back. Stiff muscles lead to stiff movements, and the more rigid your swing is, the weaker your kinetic energy output will be. 
  2. Your body shouldn’t come to a rest for more than a count of one. Standing still over the ball for too long will cause tension to creep into the muscles, and make it difficult to overcome inertia.
  3. Your arms should feel especially relaxed throughout the swing––remember, a swing is not about brute strength, so there’s no need to flex and tighten your arms up. 
  4. The joints, especially the wrists, should be allowed to go through their full range of motion. This will allow for a free windup and follow-through without any impediments.
  5. The pivot and turn of the body should dominate the swing. That means core and oblique muscles should lead the charge. The average golfer does little of this and instead lets the arms take over.

Best Way to Improve Your Core Strength

So, what’s the best way to improve core strength and maximize the ability to transfer ground forces? Try PureTorque. This training device works by targeting every muscle in your core to increase rotational performance, improve core strength, and maximize stability. Unlike other abdominal rotation exercises, PureTorque directs force straight to the core, providing the most efficient and least injury aggravating workout.

Developed by a certified personal trainer, PureTorque is really a supercharged trunk rotation exercise that’s designed to help athletes gain an extra rotational edge. The device’s unique design enhances performance in all swing sports, including softball – see core workouts for softball players, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and––you guessed it––golf. 

Instead of using your arms as other cable exercises do, PureTorque is clenched close to the body, which allows you to create a compressive force, locking the device to your body. As you move with the device, you pull along a resistance band that provides a strenuous, all-in-one core workout. By ignoring the shoulders and arms, PureTorque – a core workout equipment brings the force of the resistance straight to the trunk, obliques, and abs, maximizing attention to the core. What’s more, by distally loading the body with a proximal embrace, PureTorque offers a direct load allowing you to feel when your core muscles are fatiguing, this awareness will greatly decrease the risk of injury to tired tissue and overworked joints.

The Proof Is In The Data

In preliminary surface electromyography (EMG) testing, PureTorque showed higher rotational output than traditional standing trunk twist exercise devices. To name just a few of the findings, PureTorque offered 75% more utilization of the external obliques and abs, 60% more utilization of the latissimus dorsi, and 40% more utilization of the lower erectors. That means PureTorque directly hones in on the muscles most important to improving your swing. 

Final Thoughts

Tyreek Hill, the Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro wide receiver, also known as the fastest player in the NFL––is such a fan of the PureTorque that he partnered with the company to release his own signature line, the Tyreek Hill Signature Edition

Tyreek Hill PureTorque testimonial

Simply put, the PureTorque is one of the best methods around for developing an effortless power swing by developing and improving your core strength. Easy-to-operate, hyper-efficient, and extremely portable, this training device is one of the most exciting innovations in athletic training in years. So don’t be surprised when, after only a few weeks of using the PureTorque, your drive has an extra fifteen or twenty yards on it. Shop PureTorque today!



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