How to Hit A Softball with Power – Tips and Recommended Workouts

Are you looking to power up your softball swing? Well, look no further than this handy list of 5 ways to improve your power hitting. And be sure to read till the very end, because we have some further recommendations for swing-improving workouts.

Softball Hitting 101

Before getting to the list, however, we should outline some of the basic dynamics of hitting, specifically the kinematic sequence. What separates great softball hitters from the rest of the pack is their ability to properly sequence the use of the hips and core to create a whip-like motion. This sequence is also known as the kinematic sequence, and it begins with the feet, then leads to the hips. The five parts in the kinematic sequence are:

  • The Feet: Starting with a stable base begins with slightly shifting your weight onto your back leg, loading your hips while closing your front side.
  • The Hips: After entering your striding motion, the front foot touches down and your back hip drives through. The hips are the second body part in the kinematic sequence to produce power, and so are of paramount importance for reaching full rotational speed.
  • The Torso: After planting your front leg to pivot on and driving your hips, your torso follows. This part of the sequence is vital for transferring the force you’re generating from the ground up.
  • The Lead Arm: For right-handed hitters, the lead arm is the left arm; for left-handed hitters, the right arm is in the lead. These are the next parts in the kinematic sequence to begin accelerating.
  • The Hand: Finally, the lead hand takes all of the steps in the kinematic sequence and turns them into one powerful swing. All of the body’s power is delivered to the barrel of the bat, with the lead hand acting as a guide. The kinematic sequence is crucial for all types of batting, not just batting for power. Leadoff slap hitters––less powerful hitters who tend to be small but fast––require the use of the kinematic sequence as much as sluggers do. So, with this in mind, we can now move on to how to increase bat speed even further.

Tips for Hitting a Softball with Power

1. Use the Right Grip

When gripping your bat, you should apply pressure with your fingers and not your palms. The top hand should be placed against the bottom hand with the middle knuckles lined up straight. Your grip should be relaxed, and your wrists should retain flexibility.

2. Mind the Elbows

Many softball players make the mistake of keeping their elbows up when swinging. Though it may feel right, this is actually working against gravity and makes it harder to swing naturally. You should instead focus on dropping the shoulder and keeping your elbows down; the front arm should stay at a roughly 90-degree angle.

3. Power Your Stance

Next, your stance should remain level at all times. To do this, you should keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight. Your weight should be evenly distributed on the balls of your feet, and you should fix yourself in the center of the batter’s box with feet parallel to the home plate. Dig your feet in and keep them shoulder-width apart.

4. Dominate Your Stride

Just before the pitcher makes her release, you should begin your stride. This creates momentum and sets you up for making contact. Cock your hips and keep them parallel, and turn in the front shoulder, making sure that it remains lower than the back one. Your hands should move with the turn of your hips and shoulder. As you stride, your hands should turn in favor of the bottom hand. Finally, you’ll shift your weight onto the inside of your back foot. Now you’re in hitting position, and ready to make contact.

5. Improve Your Contact

It’s best to make contact with the pitch directly down the middle of the plate, opposite to the front hip. Leaving the hips open, you should drive the elbow back into the body. As optimal force comes through a properly timed kinematic sequence, you should stress the timing of your rotation so that the ball contacts the bat directly and force comes naturally. After contact, you should concentrate on hitting through the ball, keeping the bat in the direction where the ball is hit. Finally, if you transfer weight to the firm front leg, this provides an even longer, fuller contact.

Workouts to Help Improve Your Softball Hitting Even More

If you’re still looking for ways to improve your softball power swing, we have a few workout recommendations too. While the list above gives you a great foundation, you can only go so far with sound technique alone. Workouts are of critical importance if you want to slug with the best of them. We have a more expansive post here on core workouts for softball players.

1. Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is one of the best and safest exercises for softball players. This exercise helps to build the glutes, which are hugely important for batting power, sprint speed, jumping power, throwing strength, and more. It’s about as simple of a workout as its name suggests: you thrust your hips forward with weight acting as resistance. Though the risk for injury is low, this should be performed with a buddy or personal trainer, at least until you get the hang of it.

2. Farmers Carry

The farmer’s carry is another amazing workout because it helps build a strong back, strong core, strong legs, and strong forearms. As it’s your hands that grip the bat and fingers and forearms that help power the swing through the ball, improved strength in these areas is of crucial importance. This is a difficult workout and definitely not something to be attempted alone. Farmers carry also work great as team-building exercises and as a method for building mental toughness.

3. PureTorque

We’ve saved the best for last. PureTorque is a revolutionary new core workout equipment that targets every muscle in your core area. It helps increase rotational performance, improve core strength, and maximize core stability, all essential ingredients in a sound kinematic sequence. Differing from other ab rotation exercises, PureTorque directs all force straight to the core muscles and provides the most effective and efficient workout on the market.

It’s designed for all swing sports, especially softball. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your abs will tighten up, and how many extra feet you’ll get on your swing with just a few workouts. If you’re looking to add even more power to your softball swing, there really is no simpler, easier, or more effective workout than PureTorque.

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