How to Increase Golf Swing Speed (3-STEP POWER SWING!)

It’s a common misconception that what makes or breaks a golf swing is brute muscular strength. For one, if you look around the PGA Tour you’ll notice a somewhat surprising thing: few of the game’s great golfers are particularly well-muscled. That’s because what really matters is swing speed, which doesn’t come from massive biceps but from timing and technique.

So, rather than hitting the weight room, we have a different suggestion. We’ve compiled a handy guide on how to increase your golf swing speed via a system called the “3-step power swing.” Read on below to become the smooth-swinging golfer you’ve always dreamed of being. 

What is the 3-Step Power Swing?

Before we can arrive at what exactly the 3-step power swing is, we first have to go over some key golf swing fundamentals. First, in any athletic motion, rotation is going to be central. While this may seem like a banal point, it’s actually essential to stress because of the profound correlation between clubhead speed and rotation. 

Put simply, the more you rotate your body the faster the clubhead will work. And the opposite is also true. If you have the most powerful forearms in the world but have no rotation on your swing, you’re going to be outgunned every time.

But not everyone is going to be able to rotate their core and hips like a professional golfer. That full rotation can be hard on the back, especially for golfers on the older side. There is a solution to that problem – You can check out this post on the easy golf swing. It’s one of the key arguments in favor of the 3-step power swing system. If you don’t have enough flexibility to make a 45˚ twist, you can limit that twist to rotation on the backswing. This works regardless of limberness or flexibility. In short, the more you can turn back, the more speed will be added to your swing.

So, without further ado, here are the three steps to increasing your golf swing.

  • Step 1: The Feet 

The more you flare your right foot from the address, the easier it will be for you to make a backswing turn. If the right foot is square or pointed inward, it will be harder to turn back. 

Ideally, you should be shifting pressure from your right foot to your left, and then opening up to swing. During the backswing, you can push off the right foot and then whip the clubhead through. 

But don’t just take our word for it. None other than Jack Nicklaus wrote about the tactic in his book “My Golden Lessons.” To paraphrase the legend’s argument, he writes that small adjustments in your feet positioning can help add more body coil to the backswing, which adds additional power to the downswing. If you turn your right foot out more and have your left foot at a 45˚ angle, this gives you a nice open stance from which to attack the ball. These adjustments, he writes, can help you uncoil the hips, leading to a faster swing. 

  • Step 2: The Leg

A typical swing set-up sees the right leg bent some. But when you go back and necessarily increase that bend, it’s going to limit the amount of turn on your backswing. Instead, what you want to do is allow that leg to lose some of its flex and bend. This creates resistance that is released on the downswing. 

  • Step 3: The Belt-Buckle Turn

If there’s no help from the hips, a standard swing only has the shoulders turning about 30˚ to 45˚. That’s not much, and it’s going to lead to a diminished golf swing speed. Rather, you can turn your belt buckle back, and, in doing so, turn your hips back. Adding another 45˚ of hip turn to the already established 30˚ to 45˚ gives you about 90˚ of turn in all. Every degree counts when it comes to a swing, and in turning from the belt buckle, you’ve added quite a lot. 

Let’s go ahead and put all the pieces together. First, take your normal setup position. Then, let the right foot flare a bit and let the right leg lose some of its flex. Next, let the belt buckle turn a bit and shift some pressure into the right foot. Now, let your lower body turn, right foot flare, belt buckle turn, and shift into the right side going back. And that, my friends, is the 3-step power swing.

One Final Suggestion

Once you’ve mastered how to increase your golf swing via the 3-step power swing, you may be hungry to take your new swing to another level.

This is going to require a bit of extra-golf activity––namely, a core workout. Luckily, there’s a new product on the market designed to directly increase core strength: PureTorque.

This incredible device works by targeting every muscle in your core to increase rotational performance, strengthen the core, and maximize its stability. Unlike other abdominal rotation exercises, PureTorque directs force straight to the core, providing the most efficient and safest workout money can buy.

Developed by a certified personal trainer with over twenty years of experience, PureTorque is really supercharged core workout equipment that’s designed to help athletes in softball – see core workouts for softball players, baseball players, and so on gain an extra rotational edge. Instead of using your arms as other cable exercises do, PureTorque is clenched close to the body, which allows you to translate all the resistance you’re using straight to your core. As you move with the device, you pull along a resistance band that provides a strenuous, all-in-one core workout. And by ignoring the shoulders and arms, PureTorque brings the force of the resistance straight to your core, ie. your obliques, spinal muscles, and hips maximizing attention to the core.

It’s truly amazing how quickly you’ll see those extra yards pile onto your drives. With PureTorque, your core will muscle-up, your swing will feel more balanced, and you’ll be able to rotate with far greater ease. But, remember, fundamentals always come first, so before you invest in a PureTorque make sure you have your 3-step power swing down pat. 


  • Great piece. I’m a 72 year old, former elite amateur. Been playing since I was 7. Still play at an elite level for my age as a Super Senior. 20+ tournaments a year. I’ve been using the PureTorque for almost 6 months. Increased my swing speed by 11% and my ball speed by almost 10%. Had back surgery 5 years ago. Fusion similar to Tiger’s. My flexibility has improved through rehab since; however, more improvement with daily use of the PureTorque. The concept is so simple. But you have to put the work in to see results. I’m sold.

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