PureTorque Ab Trainer – For Abs and Obliques


  • Light and portable
  • Comfortable for all sizes and ages
  • Just as effective at home as in the gym
  • Quick and easy setup


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Ab Trainer from PureTorque

The PureTorque ab trainer is a revolutionary breakthrough in abdominal exercise. It’s a rotation exercise equipment that works on your abs and obliques by targeting every muscle in your torso to increase rotational performance and improve core stability. Essentially, the idea is resisted rotation.

This ab trainer has an oddly shaped device. If you didn’t know its purpose upon first glance you would assume it was some sort of headrest or chair attachment. Its lines and form are sleek and Eleitrainerko-Esque (it even uses a similar Pantone color. This is a big compliment by the way as the Swedes are known for beautiful design.)

Once you begin using the abs trainer, you’ll realize that a lot of thought went into creating it as it hugs the body perfectly while you’re trying your hardest to move the weight stack.

Physical Features of The Ab Trainer

The PureTorque ab trainer has a simple design. The frame is made of aluminum which makes it very rigid and prevents the device from flexing under load. This also makes it feel good while holding it. There are 3 grip strips to increase friction where your arms or hands are placed on the device.

The back of the abs trainer has a stiff pad that provides enough cushion to feel comfortable when jammed up against your chest, but not so much that you notice it’s there. The front of the device has a channel with a cable permanently affixed in the middle.


How This Ab Trainer Works

Hook up the carabiner to any sort of resistance. This could be fixed for isometrics or bands if you’re training in your garage gym or, while attached to a cable stack. You then wrap your arm around the front, pull the pad to your chest, hug it tight while grabbing one of the bars with your hand and twisting in the opposite direction of the resistance.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 8 in

Silver, Red

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