Fit man holds Pure Torque device during exercise

Is the PureTorque an effective oblique trainer?

To put our oblique trainer device PureTorque® to the test, we sent out prototypes to fitness trainers around the country. We’ve re-published one such trainer’s review of PureTorque® below. Many thanks to Garage Gym Reviews for sharing what you learned with the class.

After using PureTorque® for the past two months, it’s become obvious just how weak my trunk was. When I began using it, just a few reps would leave me feeling sore from my obliques all the way around to my abs. Now, I can do many reps and sets, feel more mobile, and more stable during squats, deadlifts, and other full-body movements. PureTorque® is a bit expensive for what it is and a DIY version could be fashioned, however, I can say with certainty that I have not reviewed or used a more effective core training device. It’s that good.

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