A revolutionary breakthrough in abdominal exercise, the PureTorque® targets every muscle in your torso to increase rotational performance and improve core stability.

Scientifically tested, the PureTorque® is designed to assist athletes already at the top of their game gain that extra rotational edge. With PureTorque®, you will increase your core’s ability to produce force, allowing you to drive a ball further, swing a bat faster, and throw harder.

Unlike other abdominal rotation exercises, the PureTorque® directs all force straight to your core. This innovative approach provides the most efficient – and safest – way to train your core muscles and improve your overall physical performance.

Easy to use and requiring no setup, the PureTorque® is light and portable, providing you with a gym quality workout no matter where you are.

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Targeting every muscle in your core, PureTorque® is scientifically proven to be more effective than all other rotational exercise. 


The PureTorque® demonstrated that it's always more effective than a traditional standing trunk twist.

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PureTorque® requires no set up and enables you to train through any plane of motion, and in any direction or angle. Just attach PureTorque to any anchor point and get started.

Focused work leads to targeted results

The PureTorque® delivers more resistance where you want it: straight to the core.

Increase rotational power

PureTorque® strengthens rotational power by channeling force directly from the ground straight to your core. PureTorque’s unique design enhances performance in swing sports including, golf, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and swimming, and any sport requiring rotational power including sprinting, cycling, basketball and football.

Develop core strength

Using one simple hand-held device, PureTorque® targets every muscle in your trunk to increase rotational performance, output, and stability.

Sports preparation

Stepping up to bat? PureTorque® can be used in advance of any swing sport to fire up your core and increase rotational velocity.

Improve endurance

PureTorque’s unique design directly loads your core, enabling you to feel it work like never before.

Prevent injury

By proximally loading the body, PureTorque® offers a direct load, limiting the risk of injury to compromised joints and fatigued tissue.

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Puretorque® is a product of Lyron Advanced Technologies.