PureTorque Ab Trainer


A revolutionary breakthrough in abdominal exercise. 

Scientifically tested, the PureTorque® is designed to assist athletes already at the top of their game gain that extra rotational edge. With PureTorque®, you will increase your core’s ability to produce force, allowing you to drive a ball further, swing a bat faster, and throw harder.

Unlike other abdominal rotation exercises, the PureTorque® directs all force straight to your core. This innovative approach provides the most efficient – and safest – way to train your core muscles and improve your overall physical performance.

Easy to use and requiring no setup, the PureTorque® is light and portable, providing you with a gym quality workout no matter where you are.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our 30-day money back guarantee has you covered. We're confident you'll be satisfied with PureTorque.


 - Light and portable
 - Comfortable for all sizes and ages
 - Just as effective at home as in the gym
 - Quick and easy setup

Weight: 6 lbs
Dimension: 19" × 12" × 8"

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Used By Professionals
Used By Professionals
The very first moment I used PureTorque I thought, ‘Damn, this thing is different.’ I have been hooked ever since.
— Kansas City Chief Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill
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Used By Professionals
The PureTorque is an incredible device that has truly been beneficial in helping me archive more rotary strength, mobility, and power. After a year of using the PureTorque, my golf swing speed has increased 7mph which has translated to an extra 25 yards in distance gained.
— PGA Tour Player Kramer Hickok

The PureTorque delivers more resistance where you want it: straight to the core.


Can’t I get the same results from using a handle?

No.  This is one of the main reasons we invented the PureTorque.  Any resistance you are holding away from your body, by nature, has to travel through multiple joints in order to get to your Core.  The travel through these joints diminishes the resistance your Core can be challenged with, so the training for that tissue is lessened.  This is the exact experiment we did on our results page.

How is this different from medicine ball throws?

The medicine balls’ resistance is either gravity or inertia based, so the challenge is dependent on how hard you’re throwing the ball, and the muscular challenge only occurs at the launch.  With the Puretorque you are challenged throughout your range of motion.

What if I don't like it?

Our 30-day money back guarantee is available to customers who made purchases through getpurtorque.com Read more about our return policy here

How to get the best core workout of your life

Base Torque

An exercise that challenges pure rotation. This motion is a great introduction to the PureTorque. 

Chop Torque

A focused version of the traditional “wood chop” exercise. With the PureTorque, you’ll get a more targeted training experience. 

Swing Torque

This hybrid motion smoothly blends twisting and bending. The PureTorque delivers the resistance throughout your core. 

How to Torque

If you're struggling with proper technique on how to use your PureTorque, look no further. We're walking you through traditional grips, stances, and a few exercises that will strengthen your core in no time.

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