Backed By Science


In preliminary surface electromyograph (EMG) testing, the PureTorque exhibited higher activity than a traditional standing trunk twist exercise device. In the testing, PureTorque demonstrated:

- Up to 75% more utilization of the external obliques

- Up to 75% more utilization of the rectus abdominis

- Up to 60% more utilization of the latissimus dorsi

- Up to 40% more utilization of the lower erectors

These results will lead to higher activity, and an increase in “core” strength.

With the standing exercise, the exerciser traditionally holds a cable at arm’s length in front of the chest, and thus the shoulder complex greatly influences the effectiveness of the exercise. Because the load is distal to the body, it creates a lack of stability and restraint in the upper body greatly reducing the participation of the trunk. The exerciser often uses arm and shoulder movement to create motion, rather than their trunk.

The PureTorque completely eliminates this problem because all force is directed through the user’s trunk muscles.